Heather's Heart

This is where I get to share my heart as part of Dowling Family Ministries, Inc. Being a Mama is ALL I've ever wanted to be and here is where I'm choosing to share about it! Come along with me. We can share in joys, tears, successes and fears.....it's gonna be goooood! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kansas? Oh, it's good.

     OK, so Kansas is good! Like tea and cookies, good. Like quiet time with The Lord good. Like Chocolate, black tea, sunrise, birds singing and The Word, good. 
     So, why do I feel lost at times? I think it's the starting over and being at the total mercy of the Father. His schedule, his rules, his pruning, his ways are not my ways…which is GOOD! 
     His ways are not my ways NATURALLY, but the more time I spend with Him, Jesus and Holy Spirit, the more their ways seem to be rubbing off on me…
     Like when Esther spilled a full cup of Sprite on the floor I didn't even scream! No gritting of the teeth, no eye bulging look of "WHAT..DID..YOU..DO ??!!" Like when Miriam, approximately 3 hours later, spilled a full cup of purple soda on the floor… again no screams, not even a yell. OK, I did sigh, but that is Jesus right there Ladies and Gentlemen! 
     He's still in the business of miracles don't let anyone tell you different!
     So, I think the tea and cookies will start sticking around more in time. I will settle back into his lap and just enjoy the ride again soon. I think this ride is already more crazy then the last one, but I may not remember things exactly as they were. I'm thankful Father does that for us, if we let him. He can take the bad and help us look forward into the sweet future with excited anticipation…it's gonna be a goooood!

Schedule…..WHAT SCHEDULE!!??

Being the wife of an evangelist, well at least my evangelist, is never boring. It's also VERY rarely scheduled. :/
I am a type A personality, for the most part, and really enjoy knowing what's coming, even day by day. When God gave me Bubba, a calendar, and a prayer language, I had no idea I would use them all just to servive!
Ever feel like this? Nah, me neither ;-)