Heather's Heart

This is where I get to share my heart as part of Dowling Family Ministries, Inc. Being a Mama is ALL I've ever wanted to be and here is where I'm choosing to share about it! Come along with me. We can share in joys, tears, successes and fears.....it's gonna be goooood! :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Master's Degree in Juggling?

How many cups of tea can I juggle at once?

As women, moms and wives we seem to be a type of Master Juggler. We have been in juggling school for years! Some of us even have MASTERS DEGREES!
Right now our life is in such transition...let me attempt to make a list of all the things I am attempting to contain in my tea cups right now:
  • Transition from full time ministry to Bubba working in the market place and doing ministry part time
  • Moving to Topeka
  • Not having enough money to pay our bills
  • Not having enough money to move to Topeka
  • Walking with multiple friends going through tough times
  • Saying good bye to friends
  • Not seeing Anna for over two months now
  • Supporting Bubba as he does his paperwork for the new job
  • Applying for housing (with no $ remember!)
  • Packing and sorting
  • Christmas!
  • Five of our six children's birthdays
  • Laundry, laundry and more laundry
  • Cooking, cleaning, training, educating
  • Deciding what we need to do with Nathan for school when we move
  • Nursing
  • Kids home work
  • Making SERIOUS decisions
  • etc. etc. etc.
Writing this list makes me feel stressed! haha
I am so glad I have Jesus praying for me all the time and the Father loving me and holding my hand while he speaks to me all day, every day! I feel so unqualified for this job....but the truth is, I AM CALLED. I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE KING. I CAN DO THIS. 
Now if my flesh will just believe what my spirit knows! :)
Please pray for me as I hold all these cups....this is truly difficult people!