Heather's Heart

This is where I get to share my heart as part of Dowling Family Ministries, Inc. Being a Mama is ALL I've ever wanted to be and here is where I'm choosing to share about it! Come along with me. We can share in joys, tears, successes and fears.....it's gonna be goooood! :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Learning to Love

Learning to love another,
Beyond the blue
That has taken me all the way to you.
You could say it was "Destineed" to be,
Me loving you, you loving me.
The Father's love wrapped in blonde curls,
and set in my heart, where you'll
always be.
You started it all, little girl,
The love pouring out.
The love of a Mama pouring like a spout!
Thank you Father, for the love of our daughter,
The gentle, flowing love that's been going on since we got her!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Celebrating Father's Day.....with forgiveness

When Father's Day comes around, I have to be honest, I'm not excited. I mean, I am to celebrate my husband. He's awesome! I like the idea of helping my kids honor their daddy/my hubby with traditional man stuff: BBQ, tools, hand made cards, sweet kid-made things, ya know.
But when my dad has never really felt like a dad to me....Father's Day makes me sad. I heard a pastor the other day, talking about his dad, on the radio. I wept. His dad loved him so much. He blessed him, on purpose. Like actually thought it through and prayed for him, spent time with him, let him know he loved him NO MATTER WHAT! I have no frame of reference for that type of fatherly love.
I have forgiven my dad. He did what he knew to do in the "father role". I just mourn the idea of a dad who adores me...

Oh, I know my Heavenly Father thinks I'm AMAZING! :)  It's hard to get that deep in your spirit when the one you saw, with your eyes, here on earth.............didn't.
So, here's to Father's Day! I choose to celebrate my Father. The one who gave his most PRECIOUS possession, Jesus, so he could be with ME for eternity!
I love you, Heather.

So, today my cup of tea has a smackerel of FORGIVENESS :)